Beware of Dynamic Pricing of E-Commerce


Indian E-commerce industry is still in an evolving phase. One of the major E-commerce player Flipkart launched "The Big Billion Day" on Oct 06, 2014 similar to Big Friday sale in USA. Later flipkart apologized for shortcomings of the offer as there was backlash from online community. In my opinion, The Big Billion Day backfired because of fusion of Dynamic Pricing and Special Event Pricing by Flipkart. We will discuss both pricing models later in the article. Indian buyers love simple and … [Read more...]

5 Financial Benefits of Swachh Bharat Mission

Swachh Bharat

On 2nd Oct, 2014 Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi Ji launched Swachh Bharat Mission. Swachh Bharat is a noble mission and Prime Minister has appealed fellow Indians to devote atleast 100 hours every year towards the cause of cleanliness.  Swachh Bharat Mission is time bound project to be completed before 2nd Oct, 2019 i.e. by 150th Birth Anniversary of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. As a layman, i only foresee cleanliness or clean india as sole objective behind Swachh Bharat Mission … [Read more...]

7 FREE or Cheapest inbuilt Insurance Covers

Insurance Cover

There is a famous saying that Ignorance is Bliss but not always. Insurance Cover is very critical be it Health, Life or a Property. As i keep highlighting that in India, Insurance cover is more of investment tool rather protection cover. Whenever i suggest insurance cover to any of my clients then 1st question is what is the return on same. In my opinion, inbuilt insurance covers are more appropriate for indian psychology. What if insurance cover is inbuilt along with product or a service. … [Read more...]

Should i opt for Fixed Interest Home Loan ?

Fixed Interest Home Loan

Recently ICICI Bank launched Fixed Interest Home Loan at 10.25% for 10 years. It created buzz and i received multiple queries from my readers whether to opt for Fixed Interest Home Loan at 10.25% for 10 years or not. Sometime back i wrote a post on Truly Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans . Fixed Interest Home Loans cater to specific set of Borrowers who are basically risk averse. Fixed Interest Home Loan product is more suitable during uncertain economic conditions. Broadly speaking interest rate … [Read more...]

Are you Financially Ready for Home Loan ?

Ready for Home Loan

Are you Financially Ready for Home Loan ? Unfortunalety no one pose this question to potential Home Loan Borrower. Infact, it is in the best interest of a borrower to ask himself whether i am financially ready for Home Loan or not. Financial Planning before availing Home Loan is imp task to avoid any future shocks. Home Loan is a huge financial committment (read: Financial Burden). If Home Loan financial readiness is not planned well in advance then it can lead into another financial mess. Based … [Read more...]

Impact of Domain Forwarding on SEO

domain forwarding

Domain Forwarding is redirection of Traffic from Domain A to Domain B. With growing influence of virtual world, it is very crucial to Protect online brand identity. Currently, a domain name can be registered with lot of domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, in etc. Though for some domain extensions there is a restriction in place. Not everyone is allowed to book restricted domain extension e.g. domain extension (reserved for govt of india). More or less web is open for everyone. You … [Read more...]