Should i invest in Capital Protection Fund ?

Capital Protection Fund

There is a famous saying that Marketing rules the roost. Capital Protection Fund is one such example. The biggest fear of any investor is to lose money. Capital Protection Fund capitalize on this fear. Its like providing safety net to your principal aka Capital invested and delivering returns over and above the principal amount invested. In short, the fear of loss of basic capital/principal is eliminated...Sounds interesting!!! Some MF advisors project Balanced Funds as type of Capital … [Read more...]

How Home Loan Eligibility is Fixed ?

Home Loan Eligibility

One of the key concern of a Home Loan Borrower is Home Loan Eligibility. In one of my previous post on 6 Steps of Home Loan Process i highlighted 6 critical factors which impact Home Loan Eligibility. Many readers requested me to write a seperate post on Home Loan Eligibility. Let me admit that there is no scientific method to fix Home Loan Eligibility. If an Individual A apply for a Home Loan with 3 different banks, All 3 banks will fix different Home Loan Eligibility. The deviation is normally … [Read more...]

Five Steps to Close Home Loan of a Seller

close home loan

How to close home loan of a seller is one of the prime concern of any buyer. One of my client Ms. Jyoti Suneja finalized a property in Gurgaon. She was worried because seller had home loan from Bank A. In my opinion, buying a mortgaged property is safest bet. To close Home Loan of a seller is not that difficult task as it is perceived by the buyers. 70% of the property transactions in India are through Home Loan. In 40% of the cases buyer has to close Home Loan of a seller. In my previous post … [Read more...]

ASKME App: Awesome Utility App

askme app

I am an avid Smartphone user. Smartphone is most personalized device among all devices. A Smartphone without applications is like a laptop without battery. From quite some time, i was desperately missing a utility app on my smartphone. An app which can reduce my dependency on print media for offers, deals, classifieds & help me to search for nearby merchants and businesses. I was never expecting an "All in one App" which will complete my smartphone app portfolio. After watching Ranbir … [Read more...]

7 Common Mistakes in Income Tax Return

income tax return

Every year, 31st July is the last date to file your Income Tax Return for previous Financial Year. It is equally important as your birthday or anniversary date.  I remember 10 year ago it was next to impossible to file Income Tax return without any help but Income Tax Department has done a commendable job to simplify the Income Tax Return Process. E-filing of income tax return through official portal of Income Tax Department is very easy, convenient & most important it's FREE. To avoid last … [Read more...]

6 Steps of Home Loan Process

Home Loan Process

Home Loan Process is not that difficult as it is perceived. There is a famous proverb that “Well begun is half done”. The same goes for Home Loan Process. Most of the potential borrowers stuck on how to initiate Home Loan Process. You can apply for Home Loan with or without finalizing the Property. To kick start Home Loan Process, follow these simple steps Step 1: Self Assessment Before starting Home Loan Process, visit the website of a Bank / HFC (Housing Finance Company) for the list of … [Read more...]