What to do in a Volatile Stock Market?

Volatile Stock Market

A volatile stock market is a harsh reality of today. Unfortunately investors don't have many options but to invest in the volatile stock market among all asset class. In my posts on Stock Market, i highlighted this point even when the market was in bull phase. Traditionally, there are 4 ways to invest your money. These options are real estate, gold, equity and traditional savings schemes like FD, RD etc. Except for equity, rest 3 investment options are almost dead or redundant in a modern world. The returns from gold and real estate are negative from last couple of years. The pain will continue in real estate and gold. At the same time, there is a huge pressure on an investor to generate good returns due to uncertain economic conditions. This explains the strong equity inflow in a last year or so from domestic investors. Recently, the stock markets corrected up to 10% due to Chinese yuan devaluation but again recovered a bit very fast. The reason being, the factors responsible are … [Read more...]

Hiring a Real Estate Agent – 5 Points to Check

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent is an integral part of any property transaction, be it buying, selling or renting. In fact in cities like Mumbai, a property transaction cannot be completed without Real Estate Agent. One of the reason is the lack of trust factor between the buyer and the seller. Rarely i found a case in which property transaction is closed directly by the buyer and a seller or rented. Hiring a Real Estate Agent has its own advantages and disadvantages. In my personal opinion, it is advisable to route a transaction be it sale/purchase or renting through Real Estate Agent. I do agree that for Sale/Purchase transaction brokerage is too high but an intermediate like Real Estate Agent help avoiding a lot of hassles for both the parties. Before you hire a Real Estate Agent it is advisable to check certain points to avoid any hassles in future. In many cases, i observed that my clients faced a lot of issues not because of other party but because of Real Estate Agent.Hiring a Real … [Read more...]

Can i Predict Stock Price Movement?

Stock Price Movement

Can i predict Stock Price Movement?. This question haunts every equity investor. Moreover, you will not find a single investor in this world who don't want to know the logic behind Stock Price Movement. Trust me the day i know this secret recipe, i will live life king size. I am trying to master this art from quite sometimes therefore thought of writing a post on Stock Price Movement. As i keep mentioning that Stock Market is not a place to try your luck. It is not a Satta Bazaar. I have seen street smart & intelligent people making some serious money. Before i started investing in stock market, i ensured that whether it is a matter of luck or a serious business. Good News is that it is possible to predict  Stock Price Movement. I came across people who predicted Stock Price Movement quite accurately. Now it does not mean that their all the stock calls were correct. You can earn good money, if out of 4, your 3 stock calls related to Stock Price Movement are correct. Alternatively, … [Read more...]

Why do borrowers prefer SBI Home Loan?

SBI Home Loan

SBI Home Loan is most preferred among the borrowers. This is based on a study done by me during last 6 months. On my blog, i receive maximum queries on SBI Home Loan. Though i always take neutral approach and suggest options like SBI, ICICI Bank or Axis Bank to potential borrowers. I personally interacted with many borrowers to understand why they prefer SBI Home Loan. Through this post, i would like to share the experience of blog reader's on SBI Home Loan. Towards the end of the post, i have highlighted few cons/problems faced by my blog readers so that potential borrowers can make an informed decision. I always suggest borrowers to discuss the requirement with a couple of Home Loan providers. Depending on the requirement, a borrower may finalize the Home Loan provider only after comparison between 2-3 Home Loan Providers.Why do borrowers prefer SBI Home Loan? 1. Trust: State Bank of India is India's largest PSU bank or Govt Bank as the people call. In India, somehow human … [Read more...]

Builder NOC – 11 Important Points to Check

Builder NOC

Builder NOC is one of the must crucial document for direct transfer of under construction property. Normally, Builder NOC is a standard format by a builder. As i keep highlighting that there is no concept of standard format except for legal and govt issued forms/documents. As i promised in my previous post, Direct Transfer of Under Construction Property to dedicate a post on Builder NOC. This NOC is also referred as a Resale NOC. As i explained in my previous post that buyers should prefer tri-party agreement instead of bi-party agreement with the seller based on builder NOC. If the situation demands and builder/seller is adamant then in that case buyer has to be extra cautious. The entire transaction rests on Builder NOC. In this post, i will highlight 11 imp points which a buyer should check in Builder NOC to avoid any future hassle.Builder NOC - Imp Points 1. Check the Authenticity: Before a buyer act on Builder's NOC, it is imp to check the authenticity of the same. In many … [Read more...]

Direct Transfer of Under Construction Property

Transfer of Under Construction Property

Transfer of Under Construction Property is one of the most complex topics in real estate. It is situational and there are no right or wrong answers. Transfer of Under Construction Property depends on multiple factors like Construction Status, Home Loan of a Seller, Builder or Landowner share etc. The buyer is in a dilemma on how to make payment and what is the right procedure to execute the deal. The situation is complex if the occupancy or completion certificate is issued, but the property is yet to be registered. Another confusion is who will bear the cost of VAT and Service Tax i.e. buyer or a Seller. In my post, Buy Resale Under Construction Property i tried to explain all the imp points which a buyer should take care at the time of Transfer of Under Construction Property. The right and the best way, which is being followed for Transfer of Under Construction Property is through tri-party transfer deed or assignment deed. As i explained that this deed is signed by the buyer, the … [Read more...]

What if Circle Rate is more than Market Value?

Circle Rate

"Circle Rate is more than Market Value" A Typical Buyer's Dilemma what should i do?. Circle Rate is minimum value at which the property can be sold or purchased. Whereas market value is the rate at which actual transaction takes place. Circle Rate is also known as Guidance Value, Ready Reckoner Rate, Govt Value, Floor Price etc. Whereas Market Value is also known as Consideration Value. In layman terms, Circle Rate is Market Value of the property as per local state government. Few years back the situation was reverse i.e. Market Value was much higher compared to the Circle Rate. For example, In Delhi the market value of a property was 2 Cr but Circle Rate was just 1.4 Cr therefore buyer registered property at 1.4 Cr. In short, Stamp Duty and Registration Charges were paid on 1.4 Cr instead of 2 Cr. Stamp duty and registration charges are one of the major source of revenue for State Government. It's a dilemma or rather catch 22 situations for any state government to maintain circle … [Read more...]

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis of a Stock


The biggest dilemma for any equity investor is to select stock based on Fundamental analysis or Technical Analysis. It is similar to fight between a heart and a mind. After studying fundamental and technical analysis of large no of stocks, i can conclude that in reality it is Very Difficult. Unfortunately, it is very time consuming activity to spot a stock which is both fundamentally and technically strong. I am not saying it is impossible. Once you identify such stock then trust me that you hit the jackpot. When i started investing in Stock market, my father told me that it is "Satta Bazaar". After 8 years, i beg to disagree with him for the first time in life. These days you must have observed Kapil Dev's ad on Business Channels stating stock market is a "Mind Game". I agree completely. I have seen people making fortunes in the stock market but trust me they do follow either fundamental analysis or technical analysis. As i have seen that Stock Analysts are either Technical Analysts … [Read more...]