Mobile Wallet – Convenience or Inconvenience

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is the new buzzword in the technology and payment space. The success of Mobile Wallet will depend on how it is being projected to end users. Recently i used various Mobile Wallet services and thought of sharing my experience with my readers. I am always in for adoption of new technology but as i always mention that one shoe doesn't fit all. Mobile Wallet may be useful & convenient for one set of users but not for all. In India, it is popularized after the entry of the most popular service i.e. paytm. Some of the players already existed in the market but with not much success. I am not going by the opinion of media or analysts in this regard. I will share my experience as a layman or end user. Currently, Mobile Wallet service is following the same trajectory as followed by the e-commerce players. In this whole ball game, the customer is the king as he/she is getting unbelievable discounts on making payments through Mobile Wallet. Recently, i recharged my DTH for Rs … [Read more...]

How To Destroy Your Wealth?


Wealth is an abundance of valuable Assets, Possessions or Money. To become rich, you have to build a wealth at a rate higher than the rate of depletion. The risk reward of building a wealth is equally balanced. Higher the probability of wealth creation more is the risk of losing it. As an investor, you have to adopt the method to build a wealth in which risk reward is more favorable for investors. For example, currently any investment in Real Estate is not favorable to build a Wealth. Investors who bought property in 2013 or 2014 are in loss. The loss will increase manifold if we consider the Home Loan interest paid as a cost. A property in Delhi costing 1.20 Cr is now available for 1 Cr. In short, the investor has destroyed the wealth by investing in Real Estate. It is not a universal truth but depend on case to case basis. In this post, we will discuss the points which can potentially destroy your wealth.How To Destroy Your Wealth? 1. Herd Mentality: In my opinion, Herd … [Read more...]

Why it is Imp to Book Profits in Stock Market?

Book Profits

"Book Profits immediately", i told my father few days back. He told me that he is a long-term investor in the stock market. I replied that you can have a long-term investment strategy, but the long-term investment is an opportunity loss. There is a difference between Long Term Investment Strategy and Long Term Investment. As i shared in my previous posts on Stocks that It is imp to Book Profits at regular intervals keeping the long term investment strategy intact. The reason for the suggestion to book profits to my father was a news on Greece Crisis. When we invest in the stock market it is very critical that we should be aware of all the factors which impact the movement of stock market. Besides this, we should be aware of factors which impact our stock holding. If we book profits at regular intervals then we can increase our returns manifold. Moreover, most of the stock investors told me that on the net basis they lost in the stock market instead of making any gains. The key reason … [Read more...]

Tips to Increase Home Loan Eligibility Amount

Home Loan Eligibility Amount

Home Loan Eligibility Amount is a nail-biting suspense during the home loan process. From buyer's perspective, it's some secret recipe or a sort of exam whose outcome is eagerly awaited. There are multiple factors which impact the Home Loan Eligibility Amount. Through my posts, i keep highlighting these factors which directly or indirectly impact the Home Loan Eligibility Amount. CIBIL Score is one such factor which i have covered in detail through my posts on CIBIL Score. In this post, we will discuss some tricks and tips through which you can increase the Home Loan Eligibility Amount. Though i always suggest my readers to apply for Pre-Approved Home Loan to avoid any future shocks. It helps to financially plan a property purchase in a hassle free way.7 Tips to Increase Home Loan Eligibility Amount 1. Tweak Salary Structure: As i keep highlighting in my Home Loan posts that property purchase should be planned well in advance. It also includes the planning for Home Loan. One of … [Read more...]

How Builders Overcharge Property Buyers?


Let's accept the fact that Builders do overcharge Property Buyers. You must be wondering how, the answer is, by taking undue advantage of the multiple factors. These factors are ignorance of property buyers, loopholes in the legal agreement and lastly through Bullying. Though i have not observed any such incidences with very reputed builders. One of the reason is that reputed builders already include the brand premium in the cost of the property. The poor buyer has no other option but to oblige. In this regard, i like the English word "Standard". It is now a common practice to regularize irregular payment/overcharging by using the word "Standard". If any buyer asks or questions the charges then the standard reply from the builders is that these are "Standard" charges.  Another common reply is that "Everyone else is paying and only you are questioning". In my opinion, these are tactics to bully a property buyer. Buyers have every right to seek details on all the payments to Builders. In … [Read more...]

How to Select Your Stock Broker?

Stock Broker

A Stock Broker can make or break your fortunes. I was quite surprised to check the portfolio of one of my friend. His portfolio delivered +ve returns even after market corrected more than 10%. It was the magic of his Stock Broker. In my opinion, the net returns are 20% after adjusting the market correction. For simplicity purpose, in this post i will refer individual/organizations/firms/Analysts as a Stock Broker only. There are certain professions which are mainly dependent on word of mouth publicity like Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners etc. Stock Broking is one such profession. In the internet age, marketing of a brand/services also plays an important role in the success of a Stock Broker. In past, i hired services of multiple stock brokers and couldn't resist sharing my learning's. The reputation of one of the very popular Stock Analysts is such that investors start buying a particular stock when he give SELL call and vice versa. My conclusion is that there are only handful … [Read more...]

Stock Tips – My Stock Portfolio

Stock Tips

Stock Tips is the hot topic for any investor. Recently, i included Stocks Category on my Blog. The objective of this category is to provide critical analysis of  Stocks/Specific Sectors/Markets. Personally i am not in favor of sharing any Stock Tips as each investor has different investment objective and time horizon. As i highlighted in my post, Stock Market Tips - Business of Selling Dreams how this has become a business. After i started posting my views on Stock Market, i am flooded with queries from my readers on Stock Tips and Recommendations. In my opinion, any stock recommendation without any holding is of no meaning. Based on my readers request, i have decided to share my stock portfolio on my Blog. Through this section, I will share the stocks which i am buying and selling along with reasons for the same. I will also share the sectors on which i am bullish and sectors which i am avoiding. I will also discuss the most popular stock tips floating in the market and why i agree or … [Read more...]

7 Imp Points Buyers Never Ask Property Seller

Property Seller

Recently one of my clients asked me Which all points i should Ask a Property Seller?. Maybe the buyer is cautious in her approach and which is very good. In one of my previous posts, 5 Questions a Buyer Must Ask a Seller i highlighted queries you must ask a property seller. In this post, we will discuss the imp points which are never discussed with the seller. Some of the points are simply assumed or taken for granted by the buyer. Depending on the case, these points may have future repercussions. It is always advisable to ask a property seller all the relevant queries before you sign below the dotted line. One of the major inhibition of a buyer to ask a property seller is fear of losing the deal. It is true in a case of seller's market like Mumbai, Delhi etc. I heard a broker telling my client that property seller don't like such buyers. A client may pose his queries to him i.e. broker. In my opinion, it is always advisable that the buyer should clarify each and every doubt with … [Read more...]

Impact of Reliance Jio on Telecom Stocks

Telecom Stocks

The Launch of Reliance Jio will not impact Telecom Stocks concluded one of the telecom analysts after Reliance AGM last week. Maybe the conclusion is based on overall weakness in the stock of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). The last years return of RIL stock is -16.72% whereas the return from Sensex is +5.38%. Sometimes i doubt whether stock market considers the financial strength and fundamentals into account or not. The best examples are RIL and ONGC, India's most profitable companies. Ideally these 2 companies should outperform each and every listed company on the stock exchange. Unfortunately, it is not true. At a macro level, i am not a big fan of Telecom Stocks. Though, my 1st stock investment was in an IPO of Bharti Tele-Ventures in the year 2002. I made decent gains against the floor price of Rs 45. In current scenario, Telecom Stocks are not the best bet.Why i Avoid Telecom Stocks?  (a) Capital Intensive Sector: One of the major reason is that telecom sector is capital … [Read more...]

7 Short Term Threats to Stock Market

Stock Market

The Indian Stock Market has corrected sharply from its peak. Market experts are suggesting to start buying in the stock market from long term perspective. The reason is that it will never happen that you will buy at a bottom and sell at the peak. It is always advisable to buy in a staggered manner and similarly sell in a staggered manner to book profits. I have already identified some stocks which are available at good valuation and initiated a purchase by adopting the philosophy of value investing. In short, Buy More when Price is Low and vice versa. I will share in my future post how i follow this philosophy, but this post is to make you aware of short-term threats to the stock market. Before you are out with shopping bags, it is important to analyze and understand the short-term risks. By short term, i mean next 6 months to 9 months. The following factors will influence the movement of the stock market.Profit Booking In my opinion, currently FII's are booking the profit which … [Read more...]