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Bambolim Beach Resort Goa – A Divorce Destination

I am re-posting my review about Bambolim Beach Resort, Goa..I posted this review on one of travel blogs on Mar 26, 2007…Since now i have my own blog :) so thought of sharing the same with my readers..Hope u will like it

I am going to tell you about my biggest mistake in life. I selected Bambolim Beach Resort (BBR) for my Honeymoon. Because of this resort my life with my wife had rocky start (Like large Rocky patch at Bambolim beach). I booked Honey moon package of bambolim beach resort from Jan 31,2006 to Feb 04,2006. I was charged Rs 25,000 for the bumpy ride.

My woes started when i reached goa airport. As a part of honeymoon package. I was promised exclusive A/C vehicle for pick and drop. Representative of BBR told us to share the vehicle with 3 other people who were also going to BBR. I refused and then he arranged for another Non – A/C vehicle (Maruti Van) after 45 Mins and I was stranded on Airport for 45 mins waiting for vehicle to come. This was not enough and more woes were waiting for me at resort.

On reaching the resort after travelling through jungles (travelling from main road to BBR is very scary even during day time) to my utter surprise i was told that Standard Room – Garden view is booked for me. I told them that i booked Honeymoon package and Cottage – Sea view is promised as per package details. The person on reception was watching my face like confused child in topless bar (one of the greatest sidhuism). I called manager and he told me to wait in room near to reception (Gallary on Left hand side of reception). After 1 hour they shifted us in a cottage – Sea view. On entering the cottage i thought i entered fish market (It was stinking like anything). It was not cleaned properly and it seems room was not used for years. On complaining they shifted us to adjacent building. While going to that cottage i was remembering sets of AAHAT and SSSSSSHH PHIR KOI HAIN. It was very lonely and there was no lighting arrangement in Garden Area.

Next day we planned for sightseeing, In our package we were promised 2 Half days sightseeing but lady at reception (Sitting just oposite main reception) refused to honour the same and told us to pay 500 Rs for half day sightseeing. While coming back at 8 pm through dark, narrow and bumpy roads i was praying to god pls forgive me for my mistakes (Booking BBR).

FOOD at BBR is pathatic specially Non Veg. Like all scientists experiment on Mices similarly all new dishes from first time chefs are tried on BBR guests

Next 2 days went peacefully as we were in resort and went to beach during evening. Though the beach is private but when we went to beach we found 50 other outsiders are playing at beach

After BAD THINGS now some GOOD things
BBR has very good swimming pool. We had good time on pool side. On 4th day management of BBR organized beach party and we really enjoyed that party. I think during our stay beach party was the best part.

Now again BAD Things
On last day we called reception to send someone for taking our luggages. For next 30 mins no one came and we called reception 4 times in next 15 mins. Receptionist kept on telling i have already sent  a person for taking luggages. Finally after 50 Mins we decided to take our luggages on our own as we were getting late for flight. While going back manager asked on our experience in BBR. I told him if i start telling you then we need to stay for one more day. He noted down my mobile no and promised me to give me a call in couple of days time. After 14 months i am still waiting for his call !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were promised surprise gift which was not given to us while leaving. We were provided with A/C Esteem for drop. It was blessing in disguise but on reaching airport driver asked for 400 Rs/- and all our happiness went off. I was left with no option but to shell out the money and we left GOA with very bad experience

If you booking BBR do at your own risk and god save you.

Caution to Honeymoon couples: To avoid divorce just after marriage pls avoid BBR as honeymoon destination and those who want divorce from there wives pls book BBR immediately.

Copyright © 2011-2012 Nitin Bhatia. All Rights Reserved.

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11 years ago

I see 2 likes there!!!! Must be your sworn enemies!!!! Just kidding!

Ilyas Kazi
Ilyas Kazi
8 years ago

so bad.. and very sad to know such cheating does exist :(

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