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Promoter Selling – Should You WORRY?

In this video, I have discussed the recent promoter selling spree of Rs 62,000 Crore in the first 6 months of 2024. The worrying sign is that promoter selling was pegged at Rs 61,277 for CY 2023. Should you worry about the promoter selling numbers? Normally, stock prices tend to fall after promoter selling. Also, it is a common notion that promoters sell their stake only when they think their stock is overvalued or the market is nearing its peak.

In this scenario, the following 3 questions come to the mind of an investor

  1. Will the Stock price decrease after the promoter sells?
  2. Why promoter are selling their stakes? I have discussed 7 possible reasons in this video
  3. As an investor, should you worry about promoter selling?

I have answered all 3 questions in the video backed by data points and facts. I hope you liked the video.

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