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Support and Resistance Level

The Neutral Point and the Support & Resistance Level are calculated based on the activity of the smart money between 09:15 am and 09:18 am. These levels are updated on this page before 09:20 am.  Post-market, for evaluation purposes, a screenshot will be uploaded to check whether the market followed the Neutral point and corresponding Support & Resistance levels.

Kindly watch the following video for complete details

Color Coding is as follows

Resistance: Red

Neutral Point: Orange

Support: Green

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(b) There is NO HOLY GRAIL system in this world.

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15th July, 2024 (Monday):

Resistance: 24638

Neutral Point: 24563

Support: 24488

Post Market Summary:

After opening, market consolidated near neutral point. Both bulls and bears tried to break the NP with BIG candles. Finally, bulls succeeded to break NP and market tested resistance Level. Market reversed from resistance level as bulls failed to cross the resistance level and market closed above NP.

12th July, 2024 (Friday):

Resistance: 24433

Neutral Point: 24358

Support: 24283

Post Market Summary:

After opening, market took support at Neutral Point. Market moved up and tested the resistance level of 24433 & retraced back to NP. After that market consolidated at & above NP for around an hour. The 10:50 am BIG GREEN candle broke the resistance level (As per rule, the resistance/support level and NP are broken with BIG candles). After that market traded above resistance level for the whole day. 

11th July, 2024 (Thursday):

Resistance: 24448

Neutral Point: 24373

Support: 24298

Post Market Summary:

After opening, market broke NP and Support level with BIG RED Candles. The sentiment turned weak as per rules as the stop loss of bulls was hit and there was long unwinding. However, market recovered from day’s low to support level. The support level was acting as resistance from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm. The 1:50 pm candle broke the support level with BIG Green candle and after that support level was acting as a support base for the market till the closing of the market. 

Note: The complete chart is not visible in the following screenshot due to chart settings

10th July, 2024 (Wednesday):

Resistance: 24557

Neutral Point: 24482

Support: 24407

Post Market Summary:

The market opened below Neutral Point. As per the rules, money flow is Negative below Neutral Point. The market did not test NP for the whole day. The first candle broke the support level with a BIG red candle, hitting the stop loss of bulls, consolidated a bit near support level to provide exit to bulls and then market went down more than 1%. For the whole day, the market was trading way below support level.

09th July, 2024 (Tuesday):

Resistance: 24374

Neutral Point: 24304

Support: 24229

Post Market Summary:

Today, Market opened above NP. Today’s Support/Resistance Level and Neutral Point were almost the same as yesterday’s level i.e. 08th July, 2024 (Monday). Yesterday, market tried to break NP twice during last 30 mins and succeeded today morning at opening. Money flow is positive above Neutral Point as per rules (For whole day, market didn’t tested NP even once). Market faced resistance at resistance level i.e. 24374 and consolidated in the range of 30 points above/below NP for around 4 hours. Market broke this range and closed above resistance level.

Today, the investing website charts are not updated therefore sharing screenshot of trading view.

08th July, 2024 (Monday):

Resistance: 24381

Neutral Point: 24306

Support: 24231

Post Market Summary:

After opening, both bulls and bears tried to control the market. They tried to break Neutral Point with relatively big green & red candles respectively. At 10:30 am, Bears broke neutral point with BIG red candle and took market till near support level to hit the Stop loss of Bulls. However, Bulls survived and market took support at support level and then consolidated around neutral point. Neutral Point was acting as resistance for bulls. At 3 pm and 3:20 pm, it was the turn of bulls and made attempt to break neutral point with BIG Green candle but they didn’t succeed, market closed near Neutral Point only.

05th July, 2024 (Friday):

Resistance: 24320

Neutral Point: 24245

Support: 24170

Post Market Summary:

After opening, market took support at Support Level. Market consolidated near Neutral Point & tried to break Neutral Point with Big candles. Finally, market closed at Resistance Level

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