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10 Tips to Survive in the Corporate World

In last few years, i observed that many of my colleagues in early 40’s have left their jobs and started something on their own or settled for a less paying job. Reason being they are not able to handle the pressure of corporate world. Some of my other colleagues labelled them as “Losers” but i don’t agree with them.

To survive in a Corporate World is not everyone’s cup of tea but at the same time its not that difficult also. If u know the rule of the game and make right moves at right time then its a cake walk. It is very important to know the tips to survive in the corporate world.

Recently one of my friend told me that only Hard Work can take us to the top. I laughed at him and thought that if all the employees who are working hard, Reach the Top Position then “Who will work in organization?” During my journey, i have seen even most undeserving people at top but they are surviving sheer becoz of some inherit qualities which are necessary to reach at top.

I closely observed & evaluated the people at top based on my direct and indirect interactions & also based on experiences of my friends. For the benefit of my readers, i am listing down 10 Tips to Survive in the Corporate World

1. Perception: This is most important and critical component to be successful. Indian society work only on perception. Now you must be wondering, How the perception is created…Answer is very simple, in every organization there are handful people who are perception creators..In loose term they are called “Right   Hand”, “Left Hand” or “Chamchas” of the Boss. It is very critical to be in good books of these people..It is very important that there should be atleast 4-5 people in organization, who should say good words about you. In more sophisticated words, its called “Interpersonal Skills”

2. Hit Hard at Right Place: I was reading a small story that there was 1 motor mechanic & he was called by 1 car owner to repair his car. He checked the car and hit the engine with hammer. The Car engine started & Mechanic asked for 100 pounds. Car Owner told that just for 1 hit with a hammer you are charging 100 pounds, which is too much. The mechanic replied that i have charged only 1 pound for hitting with Hammer & 99 pounds is for hitting at right place. In more sophisticated words, its called “Strategy”.

3. Smart Work: I have observed that many people apply too much brain and hardship to get work done but at the same time simple solutions are available for such problems. Again i would like to share a real example. There was a Japanese company, into manufacturing of processed food items. They had automatic unit for packaging & out of 100 cartons normally 5-6 cartons remained empty. Problem was to separate empty cartons from the dispatch lot. They hired consulting agency & spent million of dollars to design a laser machine which can identify empty cartons. Same company when installed processing unit in India, one smart worker suggested out of box solution. He purchased 1 table fan and switched it on. End Result, All empty cartons were removed from lot. Smart Work always pay, sometime complicated problems have simple solutions.

4. Self Appreciation / Praise: You are the biggest brand Ambassador of yourself. It is very important to keep highlighting your good work and benefits you are bringing on table for the organization.

5. Always look Busy: Fact of the matter is that organizations don’t like relaxed and happy employees though on records almost all organizations mention that they want their employees to be happy. If you are happy and relaxed that means you don’t have any work & Indian organizations hate such employees.

6. Be a Blue Eyed Boy of your Boss: 90% employees leave organization becoz of boss so its important to keep Boss in good humor. Now you must be wondering, its very difficult but i will say its very easy if your approach is right. Identify the weaknesses of your boss and then leverage them to ur advantage e.g. if ur Boss is alcoholic then present him expensive wine bottles or take him out for drink. Objective is to build good rapport with him.

7. Email Management: Despite all hard work, many employees loose becoz of poor email management skills. Email is like your press release similar to press release of companies. Its a long topic and i can write a book on same but few imp points (a) Mark email to right audience (b) Once in a week send mail to your boss either late in the night or early morning. Don’t send too many mails during odd hours else it will look fake (c) Always sound positive on mails (d) Be proactive in responding to mails without reminders

8. Come Early and Leave Late: I have observed that many people survive only with this technique…They reach office at 7 AM and leave by 10 PM. Indian organizations damn care about productivity, they only observe time spent in the office even if u are playing games on laptop whole day. An employee spending 8 Hrs in office with 6 productive Hrs likely to fail against an employee spending 14 Hrs in office with 5 productive Hrs.

9. Schedule & Attend lot of Meetings: No of meetings attended in a day is another important criterion to judge your importance in organization therefore schedule lot of meetings in a day. Meetings is perceived to be proportional to employee productivity.

10. Avoid Office Politics: Last but not the least stay 1000 ft away from office politics though it is very compelling to be a part of office politics but it will not take u anywhere. It give short term benefits but ultimately it will be responsible for your downfall. I agree, its difficult to survive without being part of office politics but still its not impossible to stay out of it.

Hope you liked these tips to survive in the corporate world & will help my readers. Have a happy stay in your organization !!!

Copyright © 2011-2012 Nitin Bhatia. All Rights Reserved.

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11 years ago

Thanks for the tips

Nitin Bhatia
Nitin Bhatia
11 years ago
Reply to  roopz

I am glad u liked the post :)

11 years ago

Guideline for those who find themselves unfit in every organization.

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