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Legalize Corruption!!!

You must be surprised by this absurd heading but trust me it will make our Life simple and easy…it will also increase Govt’s revenue.

Last week’s 2 developments i.e. Anna Hazare’s Fast and Army Chief’s revelation of Bribe Offer, were Headlines of all News Channels…Though common man can’t do much on corruption in Govt. procurement process but corruption from common man’s life can be removed with following very simple solution..

Have u ever wondered why we bribe?…Very simple, we pay bribe for convenience i.e. to avoid standing in long queues becoz we don’t have time…One of the key reason for corruption is, India’s huge Population, Now u must be laughing but its true…Govt does not have sufficient resources to serve 1.21 Billion people…In USA or UK becoz the Govt Machinery is well oiled i.e. it does not take more than 10-15 mins for any Govt Job therefore corruption is minimal…Now u must be wondering, I am going to suggest same sloution for India but unfortunately NO.

I have better solution, the idea came from recent rail journey…Why we have different classes in Train i.e. Sleeper, 3rd AC, 2nd AC & 1st AC…Reason the convenience attached to each coach and accordingly we pay higher price for more convenience therefore convenience is directly linked to Price Paid Similarly if Govt Legalize Corruption along with Service Level Agreement (SLA) attached to it…Lets take e.g. of Driving License, we pay approx 2000 Rs as bribe so that complete process can be completed in few hours though process is followed but only positive is, we skip Q….Now assume a scenario u go to RTO office for License…Govt should make 3 counters with differential fees of 300 Rs (Regular), 1000 Rs (Silver) and 2000 Rs (Gold)….If u avail Regular (300 Rs) Service then separate Q and for Silver Separate shorter Q…SLA shud be based on crowd expected in each of these plans..Now assume SLA for Gold will be that your complete driving license process will be finished in 2 Hours time and u will get License in 2 Days….For Silver category, process will be completed in 4 Hours and within 4 days license will be dispatched…

Imagine the kind of revenues Govt will make for Social Welfare schemes by legalizing corruption and Common man will get rid of Tout’s…The complete process will be transparent and No one will pay Bribe…If this is implemented across Govt. departments along with SLA then it will make life of Common Man simple but only catch in this solution is that SLA should be met at any cost else we will continue to avail services of middle man for all Govt work…Secondly Govt. Officials should be accountable for entire process.

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Jagan Tarigoppula
Jagan Tarigoppula
11 years ago

There will be again corruption for que processing of Gold/Silver/Ordinary class. Indians are innovative. If GOD directly handles then we can see the change.

Nitin Bhatia
Nitin Bhatia
11 years ago

I agree but with SLA’s in place hopefully things will be better :)

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