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Satyamev Jayate – An Honest Attempt

Before i share my views on Satyamev Jayate, I would like to tell u a story which  i read in “The Sunday Observer” Newspaper during my childhood days…This newspaper no longer publish but according to me it was best newspaper during early 90’s. This story had a great impact on my mind and conscious…It’s basically not a story but real behavioral experiment done by scientists of some country (I don’t remember name). Though it might sound joke to few but its truth.

Some time back few scientists did 1 experiment on Cockroaches. They brought bunch of 50-60 cockroaches from 3 different countries i.e. America, France and India…They put these cockroaches in 3 different jars according to nationality of cockroaches :)…After few hrs they observed that Cockroaches of America formed a sort of Huddle and created multi layer to form a sort of ladder so that some cockroaches can move out of Jar..Cockroaches of France were just sitting idle and were making no attempt or efforts to move out and finally scientists were amazed to see the fighting spirit of few Indian Cockroaches, few of them were trying to climb the jar individually with great fighting spirit but no one succeed to come out of the jar..Now you must be wondering why, Answer is simple….Majority of Cockroaches were pulling down the cockroaches who were showing great resilience and fighting spirit to move out. The conclusion is self explanatory…

I have highest regards for Aamir Khan not becoz he is very popular personality or I am a big fan of his movies…Reason he is making an honest attempt to bring some positive change in society…He is trying to wake up our sleeping conscious…After Taare Zameen Par, Satyamev Jayate is another honest attempt by Aamir Khan..Again as i mentioned earlier, In India if someone start doing something good then there are majority of ppl who start pulling him down…recently, I read several news stories wherein Aamir Khan is being criticized by a Minister, a famous Writer & even by an item Girl…Reasons for criticism are many e.g. he is doing all this to make money or he is doing this to gain popularity etc etc but fact of the matter is even if he is doing all this for money or popularity than why no other famous personality has done this so far…

There is a famous saying that Cinema is Mirror of Indian Society and People have great passion for movies and movie stars…If any Movie Star decide to bring social change then it will have deep impact on masses…It require lot of courage & determination to touch social topics which are pulling our country down…There is always a fear of backlash and draw the ire of particular class or community…History is witness that people who tried to bring change have faced lot of criticism, wrath or back fire…Whether its Anna Hazare, T N Sheshan or Dr APJ Abdul Kalam….Anyone who questions self beliefs of masses or try to bring any change, which is against self welfare of individual or thought process of particular community or class, it bound to bring resistance to change as again there is another famous saying that Human Being resist change.

I salute the courage of Aamir Khan, who has taken up this challenge and people who are coming forward to share their experience on the very sensitive topics being raised in Satyamev Jayate…We should appreciate and encourage the efforts of these heroes. Rather saluting them, let’s not pull them down…If India has to become progressive state then we need to bring sea change in our thought process and have to overcome the thoughts and issues which are hindrance in the path of growth.

We think, what change i can bring as an individual but fact of the matter is every opinion count and every movement or social change was brought by individuals & started from scratch & subsequently converted  into mass movements with people’s support whether its Mahatama Gandhi or Bal Gangadhar Tilak… If Mahatama Gandhi would have thought like this we would have never gained freedom.

Though i might be sounding bit philosophical but it is true that if we need to bring change in society then 1st we need to change our thought process and then of people surrounding us…Let’s hope that efforts from Aamir Khan will bring positive change in society not only in India but in Bharat also becoz we have two India & there is great divide between the two…When these two india will converge to progressive and path breaking thought process then no one stop India from becoming Super Power.

Satyamev Jayate !!!

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12 years ago

Like minded people should come forward and encourage Amir Khan’s SATYAMEV JAYATE.

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