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Aadhaar Card – Do i really need it?

Recently Govt clarified that Aadhaar Card or UID is just a number and not an identity card. Gotcha….then why do i need Aadhaar Card ? Answer is (a) To capture bio-metric details of all citizens and (b) To transfer cash subsidies. Again Stumped :) I will explain why

Recently after purchasing a flat, i completely over hauled my Govt Identities so got 1st hand experience on how to get all valid Govt Id proofs like Ration Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter Id Card etc.  In this entire process my complete bio-metric details were captured 3 times i.e. in Ration Card, Passport and Driving License…Each of these departments had complete set up to capture bio-metric details, which is costly affair but entire cost goes from tax payers pocket…If Aadhaar Card is centralized bio-metric database of all citizens then why Govt is spending to capture bio-metric details multiple times…The Passport, Ration Card and Driving License database should be merged with Aadhaar Card database to streamline the bio-metric details and save huge cost. Anyways, i have recorded my bio-metric details in Govt Database multiple times so its a sufficient proof that i am a Citizen of India.

After addressing Bio-metric mystery lets come to Cash Subsidies. Recently Govt restricted no of subsidized cylinders per household and also decided to de-control diesel prices in next 20 months or so…Besides these 2 direct subsidies, i don’s think so that middle class is availing any other subsidy…Trust me with the kind of current fiscal deficit situation, all kind of Govt Subsidies will cease to exist in next 18 months atleast for APL (Above Poverty Line)..So as a APL (Above Poverty Line) resident of India, i will not be eligible for any Govt Subsidy.

Lastly, UIDAI has been given target to collect bio-metric details of only 60 Cr Citizens. The bio-metric details of rest 61 Cr citizens will be collected under National Population Register project…So even if i miss Aadhaar Card, i can always avail second opportunity to register under National Population Register if the situation demands..Till that time, i am happy with my prized possessions like Ration Card, Passport, Driving License and Voter Id Cards. I am a Citizen of India in true sense but without Aadhaar Card :)

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