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Delhi Rape Victim – Puppet in the hand of Media

Its a shame that we aspire to become superpower in 21st century but at the same time, Delhi Rape Incident show that our own citizens specially women are not safe in heart of National Capital. After Delhi Rape incident under severe pressure from Media & Public, certain intermediate steps were taken for women safety but problem is that we Indians have very short lived memory. Secondly rather then solving problem permanently, we believe in temporary fix to ease off pressure.

I remember quite a few incidents like Guwahati Molestation Case, Ruchika Girhotra case etc. One thing common in all such cases is very short lived but aggressive role played by Indian Media to mobilize mass support. After some time everyone forgot about these victims. Same thing will happen to Delhi Rape Case.

According to me, In such cases, the role played by media is very shameful. I believe that Indian media only care for TRP’s and readership. They just need sensational NEWS to increase TRP’s. If there is no NEWS then they create NEWS. At the end of the day victims of such heinous crimes have only become puppets in the hand of media.

These kind of crimes against women leave deep scars not only on mind of victim but for victim’s family also. Victim’s family consider it as social stigma but i would like ask one simple question “What is the mistake of a victim?” Only fault of victim is that due to unfortunate & unforeseen circumstances, victim was present at wrong place at wrong time. On top of it, if media sensationalize such cases then you & me can’t imagine the social trauma for victim and her family.

These days the shelf life of a General News is just few hours becoz of overdose of News, Large No of News Channels & Internet. The shelf life of sensational news like Delhi Rape Incident is 3-4 weeks so it is beneficial for media to sensationalize and keep the news alive. Media gives an impression that they have all the sympathy and empathy with victim but fact of matter is that for media such incidents are only tools to increase TRP. Media can play constructive role in whole incident i.e. to build public consensus on such matters but unfortunately media is more concerned about sensationalizing the news. Its like use and throw policy.

Another school of thought is that if media does not highlight such cases then victim might not get justice but i would like to ask if we need media to get justice then our judicial system is too weak to operate. Getting a justice should be fundamental right and no one need to beg for same.  If legal cases keep on lingering for decades then people will loose faith in judicial system.

I would like to ask, in recent past media was actively involved in so many cases like Anti Corruption, Inflation, Scams etc but what positive change they have brought in the society besides serving the Masala on TV set for few days. It is quite unfortunate that in few days, everyone will forget about the Delhi rape Case and it will life as usual. Its like “Chalta Hai” attitude of typical Indian becoz we don’t expect any positive change in society.

Its my request to govt that some guidelines should be issued to media so that instead of sensationalizing the news, they should play positive and constructive role to bring change in society which can secure the future of coming generations. Trust me it will not curb press freedom but freedom from media trap.

Lastly, as i mentioned in my previous post on Guwahati Molestation that chemical castration along with life term should be punishment for molestation & rape cases. For heinous crimes like rape & murder, capital punishment is only answer for such animals in the society.

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