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Guwahati Molestation – Animals on the Street

Shocking and Disgusting !!!!

It was my 1st reaction when i read the news on Guwahati Molestation Incident. Mob of 50 people molested a teenage girl in full public view in Guwahati. There is no difference between us and uncivilized societies. Hundred of by-passers were just watching this shameless act. I would like to ask these shameless fellows that if this girl would have been their sister then also their reaction would have been same. I feel that everyone present out there is equally responsible for outraging the modesty of teenager. This incident would have gone unnoticed, if news reporter who shoot the incident would not have uploaded the clip on YouTube.

Child or Women molestation has become the order of the day. Daily you will find a news or another on this topic…Its not only rural phenomena but urban india is also not safe for a Child or a Women. Only few cases get reported but thousands of them went unnoticed daily. What is the reason for same? Why only handful show courage to raise the voice?

The reason is we the people, who form the so called society. The trauma faced by victim cannot be explained in words but if the victim report the case then trauma after being victimized is more horrific then being victimized. The offenders take advantage of this weakness of our society. If any such incident happen with any girl or a women then we the people start pointing fingure on the character of the victim. Our “Insensitive” system which include Police, Media or so called NGO’s rather comforting the victim further harass the victim indirectly by asking awkward questions and use her for their professional gains.

Such kind of victimization always leave deep scar in the heart and mind of a child or women, which cannot be healed through out life. They need counselling to overcome the trauma but what we do the victim, the National Commission for Women and Chief Minister Office of Assam revealed the name of Victim in Guwahati Molestation Case. Same thing happened in Noida Rape Case some time back wherein Noida Police named the Victim and also shared her address with media. Along with victim, the entire family of victim suffers through out the life. Though the Law says that identity of victim should be kept strictly confidential and there a provision of punishment, if anyone reveals the identity of victim. It is quite strange that law enforcing agencies only are involved in breaking this law. Which shows insensitivity of entire system.

Secondly, our Law is very lenient towards these kind of incidents. The case goes on for years and years…Infact quite interestingly, govt formed fast track courts for such cases but even fast track court take atleast 5 years to deliver judgement…The offenders take advantage of weak law..What happened in Molestation case of Ruchika Girhotra, After 19 years, court pronounced sentence of only 6 months and fine of 1000 Rs to IGP Rathore. It is shameful that Ruchika and daughter of IGP rathore were studying in the same class i.e. She was of his daughter’s age only. The family lost their daughter and were harassed to such an extent, which cannot be explained. Under section 354 of IPC, maximum punishment for molestation is just 2 years.  After pronouncement of imprisonment by Lower Court, IGP Rathore is out on bail granted by Supreme Court of India. You can check out complete details of this case on wikipedia link by clicking here Ruchika Girhotra. Now you can judge after so much suffering, the family is still waiting for the justice & even lost their daughter. “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied“. My intention is not to undermine or pass any judgement on Judicial Process in India but just to highlight the trauma faced by victims and their families in entire process.

Now you must be wondering What is the solution to stop these kind of incidents? Answer is very simple, only stricter laws and time bound justice can eliminate this shameless menace from society.

In my opinion, The punishment for Molestation or more heinous crime of Rape should be “Chemical Castration“. As per wikipedia, “Chemical castration is the administration of medication designed to reduce Libido and Sexual Activity” In other words, a person become impotent. You can know more about chemical castration by clicking here on wikipedia link Chemical Castration. Many countries like USA, UK, Poland, Israel, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia etc have adopted Chemical Castration as legal punishment for Child Abusers or Sex offenders. Till we have such stricter laws in place, we can’t expect our society to be safe for Children and Women. At the same time, we as a citizen of this country should also promise that we will make our contribution to make our society safe for Children and Women of this Country.

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