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Why Presidential Poll of 2012 is Do or Die for All Political Parties?

Today i switched on NDTV 24X7 at 8:55 PM & to my surprise there were no Headlines for 9 PM News Bulletin….1st time, i saw that Barkha Dutt started News without any other National Headlines as Show was totally focused on 2012 Presidential Poll.

I was wondering since President of India has very limited powers and he is basically a “Nominal” Executive with “Nominal” Powers which he cannot use at his own will. He can act only on the advice of PM & his cabinet then Why so much fuss on Presidential Poll. Why all parties are playing so much politics over Presidential Poll…

All News Channels gave their point of view..Some mentioned that TMC will not support Person B becoz he is from opposition Party of TMC…Others mentioned that TMC and SP are flexing muscles to get their candidate elected for post of Vice President in lieu of their support for Presidential Poll…Various News Channels mentioned varied reasons for stand taken by various political parties, which according to me were not convincing enough for this BIG TAMASHA on National TV & basically all are non existent reasons. All parties are playing, back end diplomacy to ensure win for Candidate of their choice in Presidential Poll..Also they are simply floating some names, just to check mood in other camp & are not revealing their real choice but why so much bad blood for President Poll, i kept wondering/deliberating for long & finally got the answer…

No one is telling the Real Truth….Congress is hell bent to create consensus on his party candidate i.e. Mr Pranab Mukherjee in Presidential Poll but its allies are betting for Non Congress Candidates Like Dr. kalam, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee etc. BJP has already announced that their 1st choice is Mr. kalam & they are just watching the Game from stands. Its favorable for BJP, if there is no consensus in UPA.

Now to end the suspense, lets discuss why so much Politics over Next President of India…All political parties know that in next Parliament Elections due in 2014, No Party or Alliance i.e. UPA or NDA will get clear majority and it will be hung parliament…In case of Hung Parliament, the President of India will decide that which Party or Alliance, he would like to invite for Govt Formation i.e. 1st opportunity to form Govt…Which will he huge psychological advantage for that particular Party and Alliance. It will help that particular Party or Alliance to pull ring fencers i.e. undecided parties to achieve magical figure of 272 in Lok Sabha therefore in Short Presidential Poll of 2012 will decide the Prime Minister in 2014. It has become very very crucial for Congress for Push its candidate i.e. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee for President’s post so that in case of Hung Parliament, Then President can 1st invite Congress to form the Government…Why Congress allies are opposing Congress candidate becoz they are mostly opportunist i.e. in case of hung parliament they will bargain hard with both Congress and BJP for support….If there is Neutral or Non Partisan President like Dr. kalam then he might invite Party or Alliance based on Merit of Claim to form Govt. thus it will give more bargaining power to Opportunists as field will be wide open for both key parties.

It proves age old saying that, there are no permanent friends or foes in Politics and its a game of Convenience & fulfilling own objectives..Lets see who occupies the Post of President of India, which will also give some sort of Indication on our Next PM :)

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