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11 Most Memorable Brands of My Childhood

Today i was reading an article on Brands in one of famous Marketing Magazine. I was quite amazed to know that in a day we are exposed to around 200 brands but how many of these brands, we remember. It reminded me of some of the most memorable brands of my childhood, which i miss a lot. Even after 15-20 years, these brands / products are fresh in my mind & it will be my wish to use these brands / products atleast once more in a lifetime.

1. Chelpark Ink: When i moved to Grade 5, the biggest motivation for me was to use Ink Pen’s instead of Pencil. Ink Pen’s were biggest fascination as there were no Fountain Pen’s those days. I remember, immediately after collecting my Score Card of Grade 4, i rushed to Stationery shop and bought Hero Ink Pen (Only Chinese item during those days) and Chelpark Ink (Blue, Red and Green Bottles). I used Chelpark Ink for good 5 years and many times it spoiled my books, clothes, school bag etc but at the same time we had lot of fun with Ink pen’s filled with Chelpark Ink. I love Chelpark Ink.

2. Gold Spot: I will never forgive Coke for killing this brand. It used to be my favorite drink. In all B’day parties, Gold Spot was favorite drink of all kids. Even after 20 years, i can give blind fold test & recognize Gold Spot. I would like to taste Gold Spot again in life. Hope Coke will re-launch it

3. Liril Soap: We used to love this soap, not becoz i was in love with the Soap but we used to love the ad of Liril. By the way, fragrance of Liril Soap was awesome.

4. EC TV: I remember old EC TV with movable shutters in front. Some of the memorable programs were Chitrahar at 8 PM on Wednesday and Friday, Gayab Aaya, Vyomkesh Bakshi, Nukkad, karamchand etc.

5. Cibaca / Binaca Toothpaste: Before the Colgate and Close up’s of the world, we had Cibaca / Binaca Toothpaste. Infact many people will correlate it with Cibaca Geet Mala on Vividh Bharati by Amin Sayani.

6. BPL VCR’s / VCP’s: Coming Generations will never be able to experience the VCR’s or VCP’s but it was quite a craze in 90’s. I remember, we used to hire /buy Video Cassettes and for movie “Khalnayak” i stood in queue for 2 hrs to hire the cassette so that i can watch the movie on day of release. By the way during those days, movies were released simultaneously on Video Cassettes & Theaters.

7. “Chacha Chaudhary” Comics: I am not sure whether we get these comics today but during our childhood days, our super heroes were Chacha Chaudhary, Raman, Billu & Indrajaal.

8. Rooh Afza: One of my favorite drink, We used to hate milk but milk with Rooh Afza and few ice cubes was every kids favorite. Even Rooh Afza mixed with water during summer was deadly combination.

9. Bajaj Scooter: It was awesome, Balancing the Bajaj Scooter was a great task at the age of 13 becoz engine was on one side of the scooter. “Hamara Bajaj” ad was too good and i still remember it word by word.

10. Campa Cola: List is incomplete without original Cola of Indian “Campa Cola”. It used to come in Cola, Lemon, Orange and Mango tastes. Thumbs up was launched as an alternative to Campa Cola

11. Pan Pasand: Last but not the least, Pan Pasand was a rage for few years. We got so used to it that, we used to eat 15-20 Pan Pasand on daily basis but in marketing it’s a famous saying the every product has it shelf life but i must say Pan Pasand was a killer candy & i still search for it while shopping for grocery.

I am not sure whether 11 brands listed by me are available today or not. Few of them might be alive in small towns but its my wish to see all these products in front of me during my lifetime.

Reader’s are free to add any product or brand of 80’s or 90’s missed by me  in this post.

Copyright © 2011-2012 Nitin Bhatia. All Rights Reserved.

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11 years ago

Like you, most of people remember these brands because they maintained their quality for years without any aggressive adds on TV channels like now.

Chayan Mazumder
Chayan Mazumder
11 years ago

Since you mentioned chelpark. I have been using it since childhood. Along with parker ink. I don’t like either of the inks. Can you suggest alternative brand?

Nitin Bhatia
Nitin Bhatia
11 years ago

Fountain Pen Ink is now past and very difficult to find..Still you can try
Schneider Fountain Pen Ink

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