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Life : Soak No More !!!

 “Childhood goes Forever and Old Age comes Forever”.

Once upon a time, Life was so beautiful when i was a Kid. I miss my childhood days when 24 hours were more than sufficient for me. I along with my friends used to find out ways to kill the time. We used to get time for every activity in this world like Painting, Reading, Studying, Playing, Flying Kites etc.

Today i wish i could have 48 Hrs just to keep my life on proper track. We don’t have time for anything. We don’t have time to meet our relatives & Couples don’t have time to plan Baby. This problem of shortage of time will aggravate so much in future that we might have ready made babies wherein mother need not to wait for 9 months. Parents don’t have time for their Kids, Citizens don’t have time for our country, Devotee don’t have time for god etc. Recently, i organized a Special Pooja at home and Panditji asked me which package u want 2 Hrs, 3 Hrs or 5Hr. I asked what is this and he told me that today people don’t have time and they ask him to complete Pooja within specific time therefore he created time based packages. Quite interesting !!!

In this super sonic routine, i and my wife never realized that we are growing older and we missed small small happiness of life over a period on time. We can’t increase 24 Hrs in day to 48 Hrs but to solve this universal problem of time shortage, Technology & Product Innovation has played a crucial role.

New age gadgets or products have helped us to save time so that we can save few beautiful moments from our mechanical life to enjoy the basic essence of life. I have bought a treadmill at home so that i can save time to go to Gym, I use electronic shaver to save 15 min of shaving time, I bought a Car to save time wasted in commuting through Public Transport, I bought a house near to my office to further save commuting time (You must be wondering, i keep changing my house with job. You are right as i can’t waste 4 hours a day in commuting) and so on.

To save time, My wife uses Toaster, electric oven, dish washer etc etc. Most of the times, my wife serve ready to eat instant meal to save cooking time. She buy all the Spices which are already grind. When i was a kid, i remember that my mother used to keep all the spices in open and then spice grinding was a big event of the house for Sunday. Besides spice grinding another major event for Sunday was washing of clothes. On Sunday, we used to wake up early becoz after 8 AM all the buckets in the house were used to Soak the clothes in detergent for almost 4 hours so that clothes get clean properly. What a sheer wastage of water, time and energy. Today, my wife don’t have time for all this & thankfully she uses Surf Excel Matic, Soak No More which does not require clothes to be soaked for washing. There is a famous saying that “A Rupee saved is Rupee Earned” but i would like to flip this “A Minute Saved is Minute Earned”

Both of us has decided that we will steal few movements from daily chores of our life so that Life will again become beautiful.

I have written this post in response to the Contest “Surf Excel Matic # Soak No More Contest” by IndiBlogger & HUL.

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Copyright © 2011-2012 Nitin Bhatia. All Rights Reserved.

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Confused Soul
Confused Soul
11 years ago

honest and to the point. good read :)

11 years ago

Best time and money saving idea “Pandits has created Time Based Packages” why we should’nt search time saving products now easily available in market.

11 years ago

waiting for your minute saved to be spent with us too someday

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