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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage !!!

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage is a never ending debate. From our childhood, we read about Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Shirin Farhad, Romeo Juliet, Salim Anarkali & so on. They are so famous that people call them as one name i.e. Heer Ranjha not Heer & Ranjha. Have we ever wondered why these couples are so famous that every lover take a vow only in the name of these couples to marry their love. The reason is they never got married, If they would have got married then no one would have remembered them.

Now you must be wondering, what is the context of 1st paragraph with Blog Topic and the answer is Love is in the air only till you get married. After Marriage, its only marriage no matter whether its Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage.

Love Marriages are not appreciated in traditional societies like India becoz in India its not the marriage of 2 souls but marriage of 2 families. In the language of Munnabhai, Love is nothing but “Chemical Locha” or in other words its infatuation or some hormonal reaction. Love is a feeling where Central Nervous System has no role to play.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage can be explained in very simple terms i.e. People who listen to their heart fall in love and settle for Love Marriage. Those who listen to their mind, go for arranged marriage so its a battle between Heart and Mind.

No Marriage is perfect in this world. Both Love and Arranged Marriages have their Pros and Cons. In order to make marriage successful it is important to pick best of both the worlds. It is important to understand that both Husband and Wife are equally responsible to make marriage successful.

Following ingredient are must to make any marriage successful

1. Mutual Understanding & Decision making

2. Marry Finances of both partners

3. No External Influences of Family and Friends

4. Forget about Past

5. Transparency

Negatives of Love Marriage are Positives for Arranged Marriage and Positives of Love Marriage are Negatives for Arranged marriage e.g. In Love Marriage both the individuals enter the institution of Marriage with great expectations whereas in Arranged marriage, its like Plain paper so you can start from scratch.

In today’s world, people fall in love numerous times in life. I would like to ask my readers how many of us married School Love (Hardly 2%), College Love (10%), Neighborhood Love (20%) or Office Love (another 30%)  so it is very difficult to find out which is true love. With so many incidents of falling in Love, at last only mind can help us to make a right choice in Love Marriages also. Someone has rightly mentioned Listen to Your Heart but Decide only from Mind. If u start taking decision from heart then Life will be mess.

Conclusion: Nothing is perfect in this world. All our actions are in our hands to achieve perfection. Secondly, situations also play very important role in our decision making but at the end of the day while taking decision of Marriage, Evaluate merits and demerits of both Love and Arranged Marriage. Remember all decisions should be taken from mind only.

I have written this post in response to the Contest “Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage” by IndiBlogger & Sony Enetrtainment Television for new TV show.

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11 years ago

It’s true that nothing is perfect in this world but ur conclusion is perfect. It’s also to be noted that if mind is allowed to share for evaluating the merits and demerits in this matter and if it’s a master mind heart shall never be able to take part i.e. why it is said lovers have no mind.

Saurabh Chawla
Saurabh Chawla
11 years ago

nice post :) all the best!

9 years ago

really another great post, thanks a lot. It helped me.

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