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Registration is FREE. To Register, kindly follow the 2 simple steps

Step 1: This step is required to prevent FAKE & Fraudulent registrations. Open an online FREE DEMAT Account “only” through the following link

* Please ensure that our referral code NINNI is mentioned in the field “Use Referral Code”. The referral code will be auto filled by the system in the “Use Referral Code” filed. If our referral code is not mentioned in the “Use Referral Code” field then kindly email us on 

Step 2: After the account is OPENED, Kindly fill the following form. The following details should be same as mentioned while opening the demat account.

If you have opened the demat account in the name of family member/friend/relative then kindly mention your email id and except email id, mention rest all details of the person in whose name the demat account is opened. In short, you can only mention your email and rest all details on this form should be of the person, who has opened the demat account.

We will approve your registration within 7 days upon receipt of your complete details. Kindly do not send REMINDERS or Duplicate Requests or Incomplete requests i.e. Step 1 is not completed.

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